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Below are Previous Sunday School Lessons:

"Justice and the Prophets"

March 1-29, 2020
Justice and the Prophets

The study this quarter focuses on justice and presented in Scriptures from the prophets and in the reading for Easter Sunday, which is taken from the book of 1 Corinthians.  The prophets communicated God's will to the people; they called for repentance and justice.

Unit I, "God Requires Justice," is a five-lesson study from four of the minor prophets.  The prophets issue God's call for justice in the conduct of human affairs. Amos, Habakkuk, Micah, and Malachi convey that the laws of God require justice for the poor and the oppressed.  Lesson 3 (highlighting verses from Habakkuk 2) focuses on the punishment given to those who do not practice justice.  The last two lessons from Micah and Malachi are a study of the responsibilities of leaders for practicing justice.

Date Topic Scripture
March 1, 2020 Seeking Justice Amos 5:18-24
March 8, 2020 Ending Justice Habakkuk 1:1-4, 12-14
March 15, 2020 Getting What They Deserve Habakkuk 2:6-14
March 22, 2020 Doing Justice Micah 3:1-3, 9-12; 6:6-8
March 29, 2020 Justice for All Malachi 2:1-9; 3:5-6

April 5-26, 2020

Unit II, "God Promises a Just Kingdom," is comprised of four lessons that continue a study of God's justice.  The lessons for Palm Sunday and Easter examine the promised Messiah as the defender of justice.  In lesson 8, Esther's triumph is reviewed as a demonstrating the prevailing of God's justice.  The unit concludes with a study concerning the Lord's proclamation of the redeemed nation, where justice and righteousness are restored.

Date Topic Scripture
April 5, 2020 Seeking a Champion of Justice
Isaiah 42: 1-9
April12, 2020 Hope for a Better Life 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 12-14, 20-23, 42-45
April 19, 2020 Justice Prevails Esther 7:1-10
April 26, 2020 What Goes Around Comes Around Isaiah 61:8-11, 62:2-4

May 3-31, 2020

Unit III, "Called to God's Work of Justice," has five lessons that explore ways that people are called to participate in God's work of justice.  Zephaniah presents both a judgment against the wickedness and injustice of Jerusalem and vision of restoration.  Zechariah calls for a return to God's ways of justice. In Jeremiah, God's rigorous standards for justice are defined, and God's people are given a choice of either to repent from injustices by executing justice or to face destruction.  Hosea uses early history to call the people to love and justice.

Date Topic Scripture
May 3, 2020
The Return of Joy
Zephaniah 3:14-20
May 10, 2020 A New Day Is Coming!
Zechariah 8:1-8, 11-17
May 17, 2020 Just Rewards
Jeremiah 21:8-1
May 24, 2020 Do the Right Thing
Jeremiah 22: 1-10
May 31, 2020 Measure Up!
Hosea 11:1-2, 7-10; 12:1-2, 6-14


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